Sustainable fashion and fashion influencers.

So, I started my blog back in January of this year and wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it and it would seem since then because of my links with Instagram I seem to be going more down the fashion route and my blog seems to have taken a back seat! So huge apologies for that, that’s if there is anyone left reading this blog, ha ha!!

The reason why I seem to have gone more down the fashion route is because basically it interests and intrigue’s me. I find it incredible the amount of women, fashionista’s there is out there. I’ve learned an awful lot from these mostly ladies, obviously, and I have to say it does feel like a community and I’m amazed at how it actually works, ie, sharing posts, using hashtags and post commenting. The positivity out there is fantastic, especially for women of a certain age who may feel a little lost on the fashion front and genuinely want inspiration. Unfortunately along with the positivity comes negativity! Some people (trolls) can be so hurtful and fortunately I haven’t come across this, but then my followers are still quite low, just under 1,000. That said I started out with 0 in January so I don’t think that’s bad. Why anyone would comment in a negative, sometimes vile way is beyond me.

I still think we have a long way to go before people ‘get’ the influencers thing, even some influencers don’t like being pigeonholed as that as they are usually everyday women showing people what they wear.

Where do I fall? well, I’m no influencer, but do like the positivity I gain from showing my daily outfits, new or old, and hey there’s a hell of a lot of old. That’s what I like, using my imagination to re use and the wear old clothes and mix them with new. A post that I got the most likes on was a 6 year old blouse from Primark, and a skirt from Asda, teamed with a Gucci belt and Mulberry bag, so it’s definitely not how much you spend but how you wear it.

I’m often told I have a lot of clothes, and yes I probably do, but some a certainty as old as the hills, nearly 20 years, so that is definitely sustainable fashion.

I don’t have hundreds of pairs of jeans, maybe about 6, and when they’re worn out I cut them down to shorts. I never throw clothes away. They’re usually sold on eBay or recycled, so it’s all about balance.

At the end of the day I don’t think anyone sets out to be an influencer, or should I say they didn’t back in the day because let’s face it it’s quite a new industry, probably about 5 years, and the big instagram accounts are probably from a fashion background anyway, and the others, well they’re just good at what they do and others think that too hence the large followers. Take Mrs Hinch for example, I don’t think she set out to be a cleaning product influencer but she’s engaging and comes across as very genuine which in turn makes her very popular and now she’s making a living out of her success, go figure! 2 million followers can’t be wrong.

So I shall continue with my Instagram journey and if someone goes and buys an item of clothing because they’ve seen it on me first, well how much of a compliment is that……? Maybe it’s a bit of escapism for me, call it a hobby, me my wardrobe and my ideas! I shall continue for now enjoying doing what I do, and who knows where it may lead……!

See you all soon

V xx

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