Girlie Trips……

I’ve just returned for a trip to Majorca with three of my girl friends, one of my best friends has a place there and for the last 6 or 7 years myself and a few others have been lucky enough to go for a few days every year. These times are so precious as I think it’s important to go away and totally be yourself and not worry about work, cooking, cleaning, or anything else but laying by a pool putting the world to rights drinking the odd cocktail. These girlie trips started 14 years ago when we celebrated my 40th in Marbella. Back then TOWIE hadn’t discovered ‘Marbs’ so it was still very exclusive, and to be honest we were very naive and didn’t realise half of the things that were going on right under our noses……. (or up other people’s) if you get my drift!!We frequented every club, and could have bought a bloody villa there with the amount we spent!!! Sneaking bottles of Pimms on to the beach to avoid the extortionate prices was one trick and smuggling a Chinese takeaway wrapped in a beach towel on the the beach (which wasn’t easy I can tell you) was another. The lookie lookie men being rumbled by the police was one of the funniest though, when they scarpered narrowly avoiding being arrested we discovered they’d left a whole bag of fake Gucci purses under the sun bed……!! There was so many funny incidents back then I could write a book. The Marbella trips lasted for around 5 years and when we’d ‘done it to death’ and it was getting a little seedy we decided to move on. Puerto Portals near Palma in Majorca was our favoured destination for the next 3 years a sort of smaller Puerto Banus but a bit less ‘in your face’. Again great fun and frolic’s was had by all.

Our friends then bought a place so it seemed the obvious choice to go there each year, apart from last year when we ventured over to Andrax for a change. We stayed in an amazing hotel but it just seemed to be lacking that ‘homely’ feel, so back to Cala D’or it was this year.

Sadly two of the girls no longer come with us and one of the girls suffered a nasty fall earlier this year and it affected her mobility a bit so that was something to consider this year and it sort of changed the dynamic. It didn’t stop us staying out till the wee small hours though, but hey why not when all you have to do is lay on a sun bed all day.

Suffice to say, after 14 years of going away I think we’ve done pretty well and you’d have to expect some changes along the way……..

Who knows what’s in store for the future, but all I’d say is if any of you ladies out there get chance to go away with the girls, get yourself off! We’re here for a good time not a long time and memories need to be made. That’s what I’ve certainly done over the years, and boy there’s some good ones……..

Speak soon

Love V xx

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