It was all going so well…..!

Ok, so I’m thought I’d take a break from the ironing to update you all on the HRT saga.

So after a month and a half I thought I was doing so well. Last month, my first went very well, I finally thought I’d said goodbye to my periods, AND more importantly my monthly cold, which as you know coincided every bloody month with my cycle for more or less the last two years. Who knew??

My doctor called me after a few weeks to see how I was getting on and to tell me we would have to review my prescription after the first 3 months, this is because of my fibroids I have to have a mirena coil, to avoid chronic pain and heavy bleeding. The coil also gives a small amount of progesterone which lasts 5 years. The coil is to be removed in 7, so apparently it will ‘run out’ of progesterone in September. Confused, I was. It would seem that whilst still bleeding oestrogen and progesterone are required, to protect the lining of the womb, and as I was prescribed oestrogen only, at the time of the call I’d missed a months period so thought they may have finished.

The would you bloody Adam and Eve it, about 3 days after speaking with my GP I started with a horrendous sore throat, followed by ANOTHER cold, followed by, guess what, my PERIOD……. I couldn’t believe it. Who would think that your hormones and monthly cycle are linked!! It’s actually doing my head in and I’m now left with the most annoying cough. Yesterday I also had horrible stomach cramps last night in bed, these I know are due to the fibroids, but the coil was supposed to stop all that, something I will need to add to my list of GP questions. Now I’m totally confused, do I keep the coil, have it removed, change my HRT, persevere, or sack it all off!!!!

I have recorded all this and will make an appointment to see my GP at the end of June when this first course ends and we’ll discuss and see what she advises going forward.

I realise this HRT and menopause lark is all trial and error and I have to be patient, but I really was hoping that I’d see a difference after a month and a half…… My worry is that if we keep swapping and changing the dose my body won’t know if it’s coming or going.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not affected by debilitated by shocking symptoms on a daily basis but these colds, and the cramps are really getting on my nerves…….. I will get to the bottom of it I hope, with a bit of perseverance and patience. It will be interesting to see what happens next month, I shall be waiting with baited breath!!

Hope your all well and enjoying the spring sunshine.

See you all soon with an update.


One thought on “It was all going so well…..!

  1. Girl, that quote “would you bloody Adam and Eve it” had me DYING from laughter. You are so funny! I do hope things get better for you soon though!!


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