I’m back…….

Well hello everyone, firstly so sorry it’s been so long since my last post. As you know I went skiing a couple of weeks ago, which was AMAZING, more on that in a bit, but first the reason I’ve been absent for a while…..

So, I got back from Austria last Saturday and after a day of traveling felt pretty done in. After unpacking and a hot bath a curry was ordered and consumed within the hour. A post holiday curry is the law in our house. Sunday I woke up still feeling very tired but managed to drag myself out on a dog walk, I so missed the pooch while I was away. The rest of the day was mostly spent snoozing on the sofa. Monday came and I could barely get out of bed! Now I know we ski’d a lot and I know I’m now over 50 but hells bells I was exhausted and as the day progressed I realised I was coming down with another bout of illness!!! Arrrgh, almost exactly a month since I was last poorly here I am again!!!! So 3 days was written off unable to do anything I felt so rough. So that’s me off the the doctors again next week as I’m convinced there is a link between me getting Ill and my monthly cycle!!! I shall keep you posted!!

Anyways, back to skiing! First things first and most of all the greatest trauma of the holiday, I miss placed my makeup bag and all its contents!!! God knows where it went, I know I packed it but it certainly didn’t end up in Austria. Thanks to my gorgeous girl friends though who rallied around I managed with a mascara, some bronzer, an eyeliner and my trusty lippy which I’d taken in my hand luggage. Phew……

we stayed in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl which on first impressions was a bit of a soulless place I have to say not your usual pretty Austrian village, more a collection of high end hotels which we never ventured in to. With very little effort we did manage to find a few licensed hostelry so normal service was resumed, ahhhhh!!

We had mixed weather but without doubt the best weather was over in Solden, which we visited twice. Solden was where the James Bond film Spectre was filmed. My cupeth overfloweth at the prospect of walking in 007’s footsteps such an exciting day and the scenery was to die for.

The trip was an all girl affair, celebrating my friends 60th birthday and all in all we had a ball, not one crossed word and plenty of laughs which is the best medicine for mind and body.

Aprè ski took us the the Neitdehutt, a mountain bar with the standard Austrian band doing the odd English pop cover, not my usual cup of tea but when in Austria…….. Dancing on the tables in your ski boots swilling pints of larger is really a sight to behold, not to mention the flood lit ski run back to the town…… No health and safety rules present!!!

The hotel Alpenaussicht was amazing ideally placed in the resort very close the the lifts, important when your walking around in ski boots carrying skis and poles, you certainly don’t want to walk too far!!! The food was gorgeous every day, the rooms were lovely and very comfortable beds, again very important for a good night sleep, The staff really looked after us especially the waiters who enjoyed our banter but try as they might never got us out partying after dinner, far too tired I’m afraid.

So there it is, my ski holiday over for another year! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post but I really haven’t felt normal till now. Hopefully the doc will have som answers for me next week, watch this space……!

So till next time lovelies I’ll say bye bye and see you soon.

Love V x

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