The countdown is on…..

Oh my days, a week today I will have hung up my scissors for the week, packed my ski boots and goggles and will be having an early night in preparation for a 3am start for our flight to Austria for a whole week SKIING……

This time last year me and my husband had our ski trip cancelled due to heavy snow, the flipping airport was closed, so bang went our holiday. I was very lucky to blag myself a last minute trip 2 weeks later for guess what……. £50, yes that’s right £50 bloody quid!!!! That was half board including flights! Lucky or what. It took me 24 hours to wash my smalls, pack my toothbrush and ski boots of course and I was off to France leaving my darling husband (who’s more of a golfer than a skier) to fend for himself!! Those opportunities don’t come around that often so obviously I grabbed it with both hands, or should I say skis…….

So, here we are again a year later about to go off On this years trip. This year it’s an all girl affair, one of my girlfriends has a BIG birthday looming so what better thing to do is embrace it and bugger off to the sunny, white slopes for a week, no men included! What can be better than a gorgeous hotel, with amazing views, food and the obligatory aprez ski every day at around 4, who could want more, no work, washing, cleaning, cooking……. GET ME THERE NOW!!!

As we are all of a certain age, we are not short of an injury or two, I think at last count there’s about 5 dodgy knees between us and there’s only 8 going, there will be no room for beauty products on the dressing table for all the drugs (painkillers and anti inflammatory I mean) and knee braces and various strapping devices…….

There you have it then my lovely lot, only a week to go before I’m off-ski, literally. Have any of you lovely lot got something your looking forward to? I hope so. I shall keep you all posted via Instagram and Twitter of my snow antics…….. But for now,

I shall Goodbyeeeeee and see you all on my return.

Take care one and all.

Love V 💫💕

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