Feeling the love…..

As a hairdresser I meet all sorts of people, young, old, men, women, nice & not so…..! I’m not only a creator of the most gorgeous and creative barnets, I am also a confident, therapist, faceless friend but vary rarely enemy! In the new year a lady asked me to visit her house to do her hair. Elizabeth has just turned 90, still has a ‘set’ every week and a colour and perm every 8ish. Doing this lady’s hair is such a joy, she’s so pleased to see me each week, even though we do tend to have the same conversation! She’s kind, caring (an ex teacher) and so grateful for what I do for her. On my second visit she sent me home with a handful of Ringtons tea biscuits, she had about 20 Tin’s full! This week it was a small bottle of Prosecco……. She’s such a lovely person and it feels so nice to be appreciated by her.

For 90 she is amazing, even if it is a little like Groundhog Day each week. When I called today I said happy Valentine’s Day, she gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek……. So sweet.

So the moral of the story is, everybody has something to offer, whatever their age, yes I love being with my girlies having a giggle over the odd G&T or two, or three……. And likewise the time I spend with my sons and their girlfriends are priceless, but I also love engaging with people like Elizabeth and look forward to seeing her next week, even if the conversation will probably be a bit repetitious, it’s then is up to me to have more input.

So there you have it, on valentines day I am feeling the love, not in a romantic way, (that goes without saying after being married 30 years) but in a friendship, caring way. I hope you all manage to have people in you life who enrich you and make you feel good about yourself, I’m sure I do……..

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. Till next time……

V x💕x

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