Getting my Zen on……..

Ok, let’s get this straight right now, I hate the term Gym Bunny! Firstly I have never hopped happily in to the gym with big floppy ears or a fluffy white tale, and secondly the exact opposite tends to happen. I haul my ass out of my bed 4 times a week and half heartedly drag myself to yet another session with the weights!

Nearly all my adult life, (about 20 years) certainly since I had children I’ve been a member of the local gym. I’ve done every class going, aerobics, step, Zumba, legs bums and tums, insanity, body pump….. You name it, I’ve done it!

Apart from……. yoga! So following a knee injury, resulting in surgery at the end of last year I decided to give Yoga a go and get my ‘zen’ on! Let’s face it, I’m not as young as I was and the joints are starting to remind me. I’m determined that I shall remain supple and not have difficulty putting my socks on or clipping my own toe nails in 30 years! And before you ask, yes I will be still around in 30 years. Toning up your bod is all well and good, but all that tightening is making me less bendy!!!

So, this morning I attended my first session, joining all the other bare footed, loose clothed yoga enthusiasts. Intimidated, me, nahhh. I unfolded my mat, got myself in to a cross legged position, (not easy, I haven’t done that since story time at school when I was 6) and waited to start.

Lauren the instructor put us through our ‘practice’ yoga speak for moves. We did ‘downward facing dog’ ‘child’s pose’ ‘warrior 1’ ‘warrior 2’ ‘plank’……… hells bells, I’m glad I did some research first or I wouldn’t have known if I was coming or going!!!!

However, when the hour was up I realised I’d quite enjoyed it and wasn’t quite as in flexible as I thought, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be putting my legs behind my neck just yet, but it’s a start and I booked in next week for more bendyness and to re align my chakras!!

I haven’t given up on all the other stuff I do at the gym, but have finally decided that I should have a better balance, and not concentrate on getting all hot and sweaty and lifting heavy weights.

So watch this space and see if I continue past two weeks or get dreadfully bored…….

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