Slap free Sunday’s, or ditching the make up……

In my teens and early 20’s I would be happy to leave the house bare faced or at the most with a touch of mascara, but as I’ve got older I wouldn’t dare step outside with at least a light coverage of bronzer, 10 layers of mascara and a heavy application of lippy.

Now my ‘going out’ face requires a lot more attention though with ‘full on’ foundation, bronzer, concealer, god knows how many shades of eyeshadow, to get that perfect smoky eye and, my not quite perfected eyeliner ‘tick’. I have to say contouring has passed me by a little, I feel life is too short to try and create that perfect chiselled jaw line and immaculately shaped nose! I’m lucky enough to have dark quite thick eyebrows so they are all my own. When I was younger I hated them because the fashion was to have literally one line of hairs for brows, I was very unfashionable, now thank the lord after all these years thanks to Cara Delevingne the bush is back 😉

So why ‘slap free Sunday’? Well, as I wear makeup everyday now, and have full on application twice a day at weekends for work (can’t be scaring my clients 😂) and if I go out, so to be honest I really can’t be bothered!!! Whaaaaat, no makeup, well yes I’m afraid come Sunday I am totally bare faced (unless of course I have an engagement) I really feel a dog walk or a quick trip to friends for a coffee or even a visit to the local TK Maxx does require not full on slap application! There I’ve said it, makeup free Sunday’s are the way forward for me, but never fear for my first visit of the week to the gym tomorrow I will be applying at the very least, bronzer, mascara and just a hint of lippy, normal service resumed…….

See you all soon V x💫

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