What’s in a name…..

For me one of the hardest things about starting my blog was to give it a name. I didn’t want to have my age in the name (not because I want to hide it or am embarrassed by it) but because I didn’t want to be pigeonholed or stigmatised.

The name Over But Not Out basically is saying I’m over 50 but definitely NOT out of the loop in terms of fashion, lifestyle and opinions. I truly do not feel 53, and with the lack of any surgical intervention don’t think, and I’m told I don’t look it. That said I think we are all getting younger and keeping a fresh outlook on life. The gap between me and my boys seems far smaller than that gap between me and my parents when I was in my 20’s. For my 50th Birthday for example their present to me was to go to a festival, we actually ended up going to see Stevie Wonder in Hyde Park and had an absolute ball, which was helped along with a few beers!! Yes, when we’re together we know how to have a good time, what’s more they enjoy it too and don’t find it a chore. I’d never be too needy or overstep in to their space though, so I think we have a good balance.

On the other side of it I have some much older clients and friends in my job as a hairdresser and love chatting to them about all sorts of topics, they really do have a lot to offer along with life experience, and love hearing all about the weekly going’s on in my life. Being at the ‘middle’ of life’s age group really does give you a chance to enjoy, in a totally different way, either end of the age range.

So Over But Not Out means exactly that, just because I’m a certain age I’m not out, in fact I love going out, having a drink or meal, lunches, seeing friends, the list goes on……

See you all soon

Vicky 💫

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