By George I think I did it….

So yesterday mostly consisted of setting up my new blog, which meant linking it with Facebook, Twitter and instagram which for a lot of folk will be as easy as falling off a log…… Not me, trying to navigate my way through accounts that I’ve absolutely no idea of the password or login details isn’t easy!! But with far too many coffees (it would have been glasses of wine if I wasn’t trying to do dry January) and a little help from my patient husband I think I’ve cracked it, I’ve even had a re tweet and gathered a few followers 😁 So I leapt out of bed this morning with high hopes of a day of blogging, tweeting, and instagram posting.

I’m not going to harp on about my age, I certainly don’t feel 53, (I know when I was a kid 53 was ancient) but I do feel that the social media thing, especially blogging is a tricky thing to ‘get’ but I’ll be patient and get there eventually.

Anyway, the great outdoors beckons (the dog needs a walk) so I’ll leave it there for now and be back later for a little insight in to little old (well not too old😁) me…….

Love V 💫 x

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