Here it is…..

Welcome to my brand new blog, as I’ve said in my profile im not quite sure where this will go, but here I am anyway. I shall try and make my posts interesting and fun, but first more about me.

I’m 53 and live in Yorkshire with my gorgeous Labrador and lovely husband (or should that be the other way round)…….! I have two grown up sons who flew the nest after university and are busy carving out their own careers and lives, one in London and one in Manchester. I’m incredibly proud of them both and speak to them regularly and see them as much as possible, busy diaries permitting!

Last year I sadly lost my dad to dementia after a four year battle, which was one of the hardest things I’ve had to face. It’s without doubt the cruelest things I’ve ever witnessed. He’d been a strong independent man and to see him drift away in to a helpless abyss was heartbreaking.

Now I find myself with a bit more time on my hands, I work as a hairdresser 2 days a week and I’m lucky to have some lovely clients who now I can say have also become friends. I also go to the gym as much as possible and of course at this time of year I’m there with a renewed vigour, how long will it last I hear you cry, we’ll ive been a gym member for 17 years now and still have half a stone to loose……. ha ha.

I love listening to music, new and old. My sons keep me updated with all the new stuff, handy when one of them is in a band. Well I was responsible for blaring out the tunes in the car when they were small and being influential in their music taste so now it’s payback time and they are influencing me.

I love going out with friends, having friends for dinner, cooking, shopping, fashion, holidays (I have a ski trip look forward to in March) We moved house two years ago and have just completed decorating throughout, another job done. All this is achieved with the ongoing challenges that a woman of a certain age faces, yes I mean those dreaded hormones that we all have to put up with day in day out, but more about that later…..

So there it is, my first post done, where I go from here, who knows but it’s a new year and a new beginning as a blogger so if you like what you see, leave a comment or any advice. Look forward to what my blogging future will bring.

Love Vicky x

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